Family sues Panera Bread after college student who drank Charged Lemonade dies

Panera Bread’s charged lemonade caught in news after the death of 21 year old Sarah Katz, student of University of Pennsylvania who drank this charged lemonade and died. As Sarah’s parents said that she was suffering from a heart condition named as long QT Type 1 syndrome in which patient is strictly prohibited to consume energy drinks and caffein products. It was claimed that Panera Bread’s charged lemonade consist of more caffein than in cans of Red Bulls and Monster energy drinks combined and after drinking this Sarah got cardiac arrest and lead to death.  The Panera neither mentioned these ingredients nor mentioned any warning to aware the consumer about the product they are consuming instead they advertised it as less-caffeinated drink with plant-based products. Some pictures of both menu and beverages shows that these are less-caffeinated products and got included in wrongful death lawsuit.

Panera’s website confirmed that their charged lemonade consists of 390 milligrams caffeine which is lot more than on cans of red bull and Monster energy drinks. Katz had drank a large cup of charged lemonade which consists of 30 fluid ounces.

One of Sarah’s friend named Victoria Rose Conroy said that Katz was a brilliant and patient student, was nice to everyone in her campus. She was being always conscious about making people know that she is prohibited to have energy drinks and her friends also try to made other modification for her health. She also mentioned that on the day of her death after some hours of consuming Panera’s charged lemonade at a birthday party she got cardiac arrest.

The American Heart Association declared that long QT Type 1 syndrome is a heart disease in which heart’s electrical system can be affected causing abnormal heart rhythms due to heavy exercises and stress, this can be controlled by meditation.  Food and Drugs Administration said that caffeine in large amount can lead to health consequences to the patient of Long QT syndrome and to other persons also with other disorder as well as pregnant and breastfeeding ladies and for children too.

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