Father Prevents Suspect’s Attempt To Kidnap 4-Year-Old At Miami CVS

Police in Miami Beach, Florida, reported that a man from Florida was taken into custody after he tried to abduct a 4-year-old child from inside a CVS pharmacy on Thursday. Fortunately, the boy’s quick-witted father saved the day and pulled the would-be kidnapper away.

Father Prevents Suspect's Attempt To Kidnap 4-Year-Old At Miami CVS

The youngster and his parents were leaving the pharmacy on the junction of Collins Avenue and 74th Street in the city’s North Beach neighbourhood when the terrifying occurrence, which was caught on camera, happened at approximately 11:55 a.m., according to WPLG Local10.

Nicolas Sternaman, a 26-year-old bold suspect, is seen entering the store before abruptly turning and bending down to grab the youngster by the neck.

At one point in the video, the father jumps on the suspect and pushes Sternaman away from his son. Sternaman is seen picking up the youngster from the ground and turning to face the store’s door to leave.

As his frantic mother rushes to the boy’s defence and picks him up to take him inside the store for safety, the boy can be seen collapsing to the ground.

Before the suspect bursts through the door and leaves the scene, the boy’s father struggles with Sternaman for a few seconds and even takes off his jacket.

Sternaman removed his jumper and threw it after being pursued southbound on Collins Avenue by the father and a witness, according to WPLG Local10, which quotes police.

Approximately three blocks from the CVS, on Harding Avenue close to 71st Street, police officers joined the pursuit and took Sternaman into custody.

According to Miami-Dade County Corrections and Rehabilitation, Sternaman is accused of felonies including kidnapping and severe child abuse.

According to WPLG Local10, which cites Miami-Dade County court records, Sternaman, who resides in a penthouse at the Mirador 1000 condominium in South Beach, was also detained on January 3 for petty theft and later released on a $150 bond.

According to the outlet, Sternaman declined to provide authorities with an explanation for his suspected attempt to kidnap the youngster.

“Be aware of your child every second because in one second they can be taken away,” the boy’s father warned viewers of WPLG Local10, while his mother described the incident as “terrifying.”

As seen Zachary Jefferson gave CBS News an explanation of what he witnessed.

“I was just standing at the register and paying for my items and I looked… and there was a guy just fighting another guy. And I thought it was someone trying to take the lady’s purse,” Jefferson said.

“Everyone was just shocked because it was so quick and it was so fast. The guy just came out of nowhere.”

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