FBI Arrests Proud Boys Member Who Vanished Before Sentencing for Involvement in January 6 Capitol Riot

According to a representative for the Collier County Sheriff’s Office, the FBI has apprehended a member of the Proud Boys who vanished just before he was scheduled to be sentenced for his part in the Jan. 6 attack on the U.S. Capitol.

Fugitive Proud Boys Member Arrested by FBI in Florida After Fleeing Before Sentencing for Capitol Attack

“We can confirm Christopher Worrell’s arrest,” the spokesperson said in a statement to ABC News on Thursday night. “The Collier County Sheriff’s Office assisted the FBI in the arrest of him.”

52-year-old Worrell, a resident of Naples, Florida, went missing in August, soon before receiving a number of felony sentences. He was found guilty due to his actions during the disturbance on January 6.

Worrell is a self-described Proud Boys member, a right-wing extremist organisation. Court records state that during the Capitol attack, pepper was sprayed on cops.

In May 2023, a judge found Worrell guilty of employing a hazardous weapon to assault, obstruct, or resisted several authorities. obstruction of a congressional official act and interference with law enforcement officials when a civil disturbance is being committed. bringing a lethal or hazardous weapon onto restricted property and staying there. erratic and disruptive behaviour while using a lethal or dangerous weapon on private property. And using a lethal or dangerous weapon in bodily assault are all crimes. A misdemeanour is a physical assault committed on Capitol property, including buildings. The five-day bench trial resulted in the verdict.

FBI Arrests Jan. 6 Capitol Rioter Who Fled Days Before Sentencing Amid Pepper Spray Attack Allegations

“Once on Capitol grounds, Worrell hurled venom for 30 minutes at the overworked policemen holding back the mob.” According to a memo on sentencing that the Justice Department submitted on August 13. And Worrell seized the chance when he saw it to pepper spray the police queue from behind the throng.

On January 6, Worrell carried pepper gel while donning a military vest. When, in accordance with court documents, he marched alongside other Proud Boys from the Washington Monument to the Capitol. “Don’t make us go against you,” he reportedly said police as he passed them, according to court documents.

When Worrell’s disappearance was reported to the judge hearing his case. A bench warrant was issued by the judge for his arrest.

Worrell was under house arrest after, according to court documents, he voiced his displeasure with the conditions of the Washington, D.C. jail. He was placed under house arrest while awaiting sentencing by the federal judge.

For Worrell, the prosecution had asked for a 14-year prison term.


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