FBI Hunts For Potential Victims Of Undercover Police Officer Impostor Involved In Brutal Kidnappings

Negasi Zuberi Perpetrator Of The Brutal Kidnappings In Oregon

Negasi Zuberi
An FBI flag and a seeking information posterboard are set up next to a podium ahead of a press conference at the FBI field office in Portland, Ore., on Wednesday, Aug. 2, 2023. The posterboard displays photos of Negasi Zuberi, an Oregon man facing a federal charge of interstate kidnapping, and photos of the makeshift cinderblock cell in the basement of his home in Klamath Falls, Oregon, where he allegedly held a woman that he is accused of kidnapping from Seattle. (AP Photo/Claire Rush)

A chilling case of deception and abduction has sparked a nationwide manhunt as the FBI seeks other potential victims of Negasi Zuberi, a 29-year-old man who posed as an undercover police officer and the alleged perpetrator of the brutal kidnappings in Oregon.

After kidnapping a woman in Seattle, the undercover police officer impostor drove her hundreds of miles to his home in Oregon, where the undercover police officer impostor imprisoned her in a cinderblock cell, leaving her with bloodied hands after a courageous escape.

The victim’s ordeal began on July 15 when the undercover police officer impostor picked her up in Seattle for prostitution services. Pretending to be an undercover police officer, the undercover police officer impostor handcuffed and shackled her using a black and yellow Taser and drove her to Oregon against her will. Along the way, he subjected her to sexual assault, adding to the horrors she endured. (Read reference here: CBSNews)

Once they arrived at his home in Klamath Falls, the undercover police officer impostor led the victim into a cinderblock cell he had constructed in his garage. The makeshift cell had a metal door and a single light bulb, creating a nightmarish atmosphere for the imprisoned woman. Zuberi left her there, claiming to be attending to “paperwork.” In a display of unwavering determination, she fought back, pounding on the cell doors and walls until her hands bled, eventually managing to create a small opening to escape.

FBI Believes That Zuberi Has Targeted Other Women Across Multiple States

The victim’s bravery and escape led to the arrest of the undercover police officer impostor in Reno, Nevada, after a 45-minute standoff with law enforcement in a Walmart parking lot. The FBI now believes that Zuberi may have targeted other women across multiple states, and they are actively searching for potential victims to come forward.

Linked to at least four sexual assaults in different states, the undercover police officer impostor poses a significant threat to vulnerable individuals. Authorities suspect he may have employed various methods to control his victims, including drugging their drinks. A handwritten note found at his residence, titled “Operation Take Over,” revealed disturbing intentions and methods to evade investigation. (Read another reference article here: ABC News)

Investigators are urging anyone who believes they may have encountered Zuberi to step forward and help in the pursuit of justice. The FBI is setting up a dedicated website to facilitate reporting and provide support to potential victims.

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As the search for other possible victims continues, communities are rallying together to ensure their safety and support survivors of such harrowing experiences. The courageous actions of the victim in this case have shed light on a dangerous impostor and may have saved others from enduring similar nightmares.

In the face of this disturbing ordeal, the FBI’s commitment to protecting citizens and bringing criminals to justice remains unwavering. The urgency of this investigation serves as a reminder of the importance of vigilance and cooperation in safeguarding vulnerable members of society from harm.

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