Florida Highway Trucker Battle Was Captured On Camera

According to the Marion County Sheriff’s Office, a truck driver from Virginia was taken into custody after he allegedly opened fire on another truck driver last week on Interstate 75 close to Ocala, Florida.

Florida Highway Trucker Battle Was Captured On Camera

On March 3, deputies were dispatched to a Love’s Travel Stop in response to a report of gunfire following an altercation involving road rage. The victim reported that Dylan Belleastin, 43, tossed a water bottle at his truck as he was driving a semi-truck south on Interstate 75.

“The victim pulled over to confront Belleastin but decided against it and drove away,” MCSO said on Facebook. “Belleastin then continued to follow the victim and eventually pulled alongside him again, at which time he fired several shots toward the victim.”

The victim, according to deputies, slowed down to try to avoid being hit before opening fire on Belleastin “out of fear for his own life.”

Belleastin, according to investigators, also drove to the Love’s Travel Stop, but he left shortly after, travelling south on I-75.

Investigators were provided with dash camera footage from Belleastin’s semi-truck cab after they had information that helped identify the suspect.

“The footage depicted him shooting at the victim at two separate times,” claimed the MCSO. Belleastin is also charged with obtaining a second firearm and pointing it toward the victim without pulling the trigger.

Belleastin was found in Ocala on March 6 as a result of the joint efforts of MCSO and US Marshals Service personnel. After being placed under arrest, he was brought to the Marion County Jail and is currently being held without release on accusations of aggravated assault, criminal mischief, firing a missile into a moving car, and brandishing a handgun while committing a felony.

According to online jail records, Belleastin is scheduled to appear in court on April 9.

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