Florida Man Arrested After Landing Stolen Plane On Peninsula Beach

Authorities claim that a Florida man hijacked a small plane from a Palo Alto airport and abandoned it on a Half Moon Bay beach. The suspect was taken into custody on Thursday.

Around 5 p.m. on Thursday, a 911 caller reported seeing a plane land in the beach south of Poplar Beach, according to the San Mateo County Sheriff’s Office. Following their discovery of the “intact and unoccupied” plane on the beach, deputies reported that they had located a man who fit the description of someone they had seen leaving the landing.

After learning that the aircraft had been stolen from Palo Alto, investigators detained the man on suspicion of stealing the aircraft. He was recognized as Miami resident Luiz Gustavo Aires, 50.

Per the district attorney’s office, Aires was arraigned on Tuesday on a number of offences, including felony aircraft theft. In addition, he is accused of possessing three misdemeanor.

Following his arrest, authorities found three victims’ credit cards and personal information hidden in his rucksack.

The reports claims that Aires entered a not guilty plea to the allegations and requested the right to represent himself in court. The judge turned down his request. charges of identifying information.

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