Florida Mother Faces Charges After A Daycare Staff Finds A Gun In A 2-Year-Old’s Lunch Box

After daycare workers discovered a weapon inside the lunchbox of her 2-year-old son, a Florida mother has reportedly been charged.

Florida Mother Faces Charges After A Daycare Staff Finds A Gun In A 2-Year-Old's Lunch Box

With a 9mm Glock 43 handgun inside, a teacher at Jackson’s Daycare Center in Riviera Beach opened a student’s lunch box. Shanae Davis, 39, is charged with multiple counts, including child negligence and permitting a juvenile to get a firearm.

The teachers expressed anxiety after making this discovery, according to police documentation. As reported by WPEC, parents were equally taken aback when learning about the occurrence.

“It’s scary,” Stephenne Warembourg told the outlet. “I mean, you know when I’m sending my kid to school thinking that he’s going to be safe? I mean, are they? I don’t know.”

The Riviera Beach Police Department reports that Davis told detectives the revolver belonged to her and that she usually stores it in the glove box of her car.

She has, however, begun bringing the gun inside her apartment recently due to multiple break-ins at the building.

According to court records, the 39-year-old mother admitted to investigators that she did not carry a purse on the evening of March 14 and put the gun inside her son’s lunchbox to bring it inside.

The mother went on to say that the next morning, she forgot to take it outside.

The daycare centre then received a call from the police, who showed up right away. After Davis was taken into custody, the mother was freed on Friday, March 15, as per the records of the Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office, provided she could post bail.

In a statement to Telemundo 51 Miami, West Palm Beach Police spokesperson Mike Jachels emphasized the significance of firearms safety, warning that such an overlook or negligence can have deadly results.

Thankfully, nobody was hurt in this particular case.

Telemundo Miami claims that the daycare’s owner decided not to press charges against the mother. But that’s exactly what the state prosecutor’s office opted to do.

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