Florida shooting: two dead and 18 injured during Halloween celebrations

In Florida at Tampa streets during Halloween party on Sunday in early hours of morning, the festival turned into the mass shooting which resulted into 2 deaths and 18 people were hospitalised. Tampa Police chief named Lee Bercaw informed in the press conference that the mass shooting happened before 3 a.m. in morning at 1600 block of East 7th Avenue in the Ybor city area. This area was composed of several bars and clubs, at that time there were a large number of people celebrating Halloween festival. Police did not give any assurance for the presence of people who were involved in the fight in any of the bar located in that area.After receiving several tips related to this fight police came to know about a 22 year old Tyrell Stephen Phillips, police found him guilty and thus arrested him and charged him with second degree murder charges. He was appeared in court on Monday as he found guilty.

Gunfire erupts at Halloween celebration

A video got viral on internet showing lot of people talking and drinking on the streets and suddenly the firing starts, people started running here and there. Some of them got covered under the table in order to protect themselves. Another videos come out that shows a large number of police officers came there and started helping people who were lying wounded on the ground.

Tampa Police chief named Lee Bercaw informed that there was a fight between two groups and these groups many innocent people who got disturbed due to this fight and got injured and two of them died that includes a 14-year-old teenage boy.

Motive for fight that led to Tampa shooting unknown, police say

Police chief Lee Brecaw said that investigators informed that there were two people who were the reason of this fight but the investigators are still searching for the real cause of fight.

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