Forbidden Places In The US: Unveiling the Enigmatic and Off-Limits Places Unseen by Tourists

Ascertain the Impermissible Places To Perambulate In The US

Area 51
Area 51 (Photo: Love Exploring)

The United States is renowned for its iconic landmarks and bucket-list destinations, but hidden among its many attractions are enigmatic places shrouded in secrecy, entirely off-limits to tourists.

From top-secret military bases and historical islands with haunting pasts to exclusive clubs and underground vaults, these forbidden locations hold intriguing mysteries and stories waiting to be unraveled.

Fort Knox, Kentucky: One of the forbidden places in the US. Home to an impressive 147.3 million ounces of gold bullion, Fort Knox is an impenetrable United States Army installation, closed to the public and fiercely guarded.

North Brother Island, New York City, New York: One of the forbidden places in the US. Once a quarantine hospital for those with contagious diseases, this now-protected bird sanctuary remains closed off to the public, holding stories of tragedy and mysterious history.

Tillamook Rock Lighthouse, Oregon: Perched atop a treacherous basalt stack in the Pacific Ocean, “Terrible Tilly” witnessed unfortunate events during its construction and is now considered too dangerous to visit and making it on the list of the forbidden places in the US. (Check reference here: LoveExploring)

Ni’ihau Island, Hawaii: Known as the “Forbidden Island,” one of the forbidden places in the US, Ni’ihau’s extreme exclusivity results from a promise made by its purchaser to protect the land from outsiders, leaving its pristine beauty veiled in mystery.

Coca-Cola Vault, Atlanta, Georgia: The legendary secret formula for Coca-Cola is kept securely inside a bank-like safe within the Coca-Cola Vault, allowing only a handful of people access to the treasured recipe that’s why it is considered one of the forbidden places in the US.

Langley, McLean, Virginia: Another one of the forbidden places in the US is the George Bush Center for Intelligence, also known as Langley, which serves as the headquarters for the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), shrouded in secrecy and closed off to all but a select few with top-level security clearance.

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Bohemian Grove, Monte Rio, California: A summer camp for the exclusive Bohemian Club, this 2,700-acre campground hosts America’s wealthiest and most powerful men, including past US presidents and celebrities, strictly making it one of the forbidden places in the US.

Club 33, Anaheim, California: Hidden within Disneyland’s New Orleans Squareone of the forbidden places in the US, Club 33’s invite-only exclusivity makes it one of the most sought-after and mysterious destinations, with membership fees reaching astronomical figures.

Granite Mountain Secret Vault, Salt Lake County, Utah: Housing the world’s largest collection of genealogical records, this ultra-secure vault belonging to The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints remains strictly off-limits to the public and is considered one of the forbidden places in the US.

New York Stock Exchange, New York City, New York: Closed to visitors since the September 11th attacks, the New York Stock Exchange now stands as a symbol of increased security and impenetrability.

Googleplex, Mountain View, California: As the global headquarters of Google, the colorful and sculpture-dotted grounds of Googleplex are open to curious visitors, but access to the building itself is strictly limited.

The Knickerbocker Club, New York City, New York: Considered one of America’s most exclusive societies, this Georgian mansion hosts elite members such as Franklin D Roosevelt and financier JP Morgan, with strict rules against disclosing club activities.

More Verboten Places To Visit In The US

Diego Garcia, Chagos Islands, British Indian Ocean Territory: Serving as an important American security base, Diego Garcia remains off-limits to anyone other than military personnel, sparking controversy due to its disputed location.

ADX Florence, Florence, Colorado: Known as America’s most secure building, this “supermax” penitentiary houses dangerous inmates in solitary confinement for up to 24 hours a day, allowing very few images of its interior.

Dulce Base, Dulce, New Mexico: Infamous for conspiracy theories of underground lairs and alien involvement, this site near Dulce remains a top-secret military base, leaving locals to wonder about its mysterious activities. (Know more here: Town And Tourist)

National Security Agency Spy Hubs, Various Locations: Operated by the National Security Agency, these near-windowless spy hubs are spread across America, remaining hidden and largely undisclosed to the public.

Robins Island, Suffolk County, New York: Owned by billionaire businessman Louis Bacon, this private and valuable isle is strictly off-limits to outsiders, adding to the air of mystery surrounding its purpose.

Rikers Island, New York City, New York: A notorious prison island, Rikers has been home to some of America’s most infamous criminals, surrounded by a reputation for brutality and mistreatment, keeping tourists far away.

Mount Weather, Bluemont, Virginia: Supporting emergency management operations, Mount Weather Emergency Operations Center is a hidden facility with vital communication links, closed to civilians and accessible only to those with high-level security clearance.

Abandoned Farmhouse, Seneca Lake, New York: This eerie, overgrown farmhouse has intrigued locals for decades, but it remains restricted private property, further fueling speculation about its mysterious past.

Cheyenne Mountain Air Force Station, Colorado: Dominating the Cheyenne Mountain Complex, this former Cold War control center for defense against the Soviets now serves as a training site for the US Air Force, with access limited to those with top security clearance.

Guantánamo Bay, Cuba: A highly secure and controversial United States military prison, Guantánamo Bay is synonymous with detention without trial and torture, forever cloaked in controversy and secrecy.

Area 51, Groom Lake, Nevada: Officially recognized in 2003, Area 51 continues to captivate with stories of extraterrestrial theories, but its operations remain classified and off-limits, leading to a nearby attraction, the Alien Research Center belonged to the forbidden places in the US.

These off-limits places scattered across the United States weave tales of secrecy, history, and mystery, forever intriguing the curious but remaining firmly closed to the public eye.


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