Frustration Mounts as eService Processing Slows Down Tax Return Processing

Tax Refund Delays Expected in Michigan

Frustration Mounts as eService Processing Slows Down Tax Return Processing. (PHOTO: FOX 56)

High Volume of Returns Overwhelms Online Tax System

According to, in Michigan folks waiting for their tax refunds might have to wait a bit longer this year, frustration mounts. The state’s tax department says their online system for handling tax returns is slow because there are lots more returns than usual. They’re dealing with both 2023 tax returns and extra checks for the 2022 Michigan Earned Income tax credit which is causing delays in updating the system with the latest info, frustration mounts.

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Refunds Still on Track

But here’s the good news, even though things are slow the officials say they’re still getting through the returns and sending out refunds and extra checks. They just ask everyone to be patient if they want to check on their refund status. If you filed online it’s best to wait three to four weeks before checking. If you did it with paper wait six to eight weeks, frustration mounts. Also TurboTax users might face some problems because the company is updating its software but TurboTax is working on fixing it quickly.

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