Fugitive Escape Unfolds: A Man on the Run from Stanton Police in an Intense Chase  

The Stanton Police Department is actively searching for a man on the run who was suspected of avoiding law enforcement.

Stanton Police are searching for the Man on the Run

In the area encompassing Holman Drive, Pamela Drive, and Riverview Drive, residents along Maple Street are urged to maintain heightened awareness and observe their surroundings diligently. Law enforcement is actively pursuing a man on the run who has evaded capture, prompting an ongoing search. Vigilance and careful monitoring of their properties are kindly advised to assist authorities in apprehending the individual.

Initial details indicate that the man on the run from Stanton police could potentially be identified as Lonnie Schooley from Lexington, Kentucky.

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Stanton Police are searching for the Man on the Run – Photo by: (Sherman Police Department)

Loonie Schooley, the Man on the Run

The person is a white man who was seen wearing khaki shorts and no shirt.

According to law enforcement sources, the man on the run, Schooley’s recent movements involved entering the wooded area adjacent to the southern section of Riverview Drive and heading towards Red River Ranch. Authorities have outlined their intention to employ drone technology intermittently to scan the vicinity. Individuals with pertinent details are encouraged to reach out to the Stanton Police Department at the contact number 606-663-1459.

Despite the recent incident, Stanton has a lower rate of violent crime (18.3) compared to the higher U.S. average (22.7). The property crime rate (28.4) is also lower than the national average (35.4). This makes Stanton’s community feel safer than many other cities in the country regarding criminal activity.

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