Georgia Woman Jennifer Keenan Injects Unidentified Substance into Teen Shopper in Walmart

A woman from Georgia, Jennifer Keenan, allegedly injected a teenage Walmart shopper with an unidentified substance coming from a strange attack.

The Strange Attack of Jennifer Keenan in Walmart

A strange attack took place at a Walmart in Duluth, Georgia, which involved an unfamiliar substance within a syringe, that was used in the attack. On August 10, Jennifer Keenan, 55, was arrested for allegedly stabbing a 19-year-old individual and saying to him that he was poisoned. The incident occurred in Duluth, and the local police arrived to arrest Jennifer Keenan at the location.

Security personnel guided the police to a blue Ford Expedition parked alongside the building. Inside the car, police officers found Jay Carswell, 73, in the driver’s seat, and he also pointed out his companion, Jennifer Keenan, who was in the backseat of the car.

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The Strange Attack of Jennifer Keenan in Walmart – Photo by: (The Business Journal)

Jennifer Keenan and Jay Carswell

While in the process of being arrested, police officers noted that the woman successfully freed herself from the handcuffs multiple times. This resulted in a physical altercation, during which a firearm that was positioned on her waistband came loose and slid across the ground when an officer brought her down to the pavement. This account is as per the provided information.

Jennifer Keenan will be facing charges of aggravated battery, possessing a firearm or knife while committing a crime, and deliberately obstructing law enforcement officers. Meanwhile, Carswell is also charged with obstructing law enforcement officers. As of August 22, both Keenan and Carswell are being held in custody at Gwinnett County Jail on a bond of $3,500.

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