HELPING HAND Applications are now open for new $750 monthly payments for 15 months with no strings attached & includes bonus $1,125

New York state has started a guaranteed income program that offers low-income mothers during pregnancy recurring payments for 15 months and this is a the bridge Project.

This project was launched in June 2021 which would temporarily gave 100 participants $500 debit cards to pregnant people every two weeks for three years. But after its inception, this project became a permanent lifeline for expecting mothers.


The eligibilities to receive the cash are:

  • Must be 18 years or older.
  • Must be 23 weeks pregnant or less with first child.
  • Must have an annual household income under $40,000.
  • Must live in the city of Rochester.

For those citizens who are living in the New York city, the eligibilities are similar.


Guaranteed income refers to the income which is similar to universal basic income (UBI) where this program offers low-income folks reoccurring payments. This guaranteed income typically provides a smaller amount of money  and is aimed at a specific group.

These programs are funded  by the government. These programs are spreading all across the nation after the pandemic left folks without jobs and increased homelessness in states like California.


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