Hemet Police Officer Charged in On-Duty Assault, Causing Severe Brain Injury

A Hemet police officer is confronting three assault charges following an on-duty incident that led to a significant brain injury to an individual.

Hemet Police Officer Faces Questions Over Alleged Assault on Woman

As per the report by KTLA, it has been uncovered that a Hemet police officer is facing charges in connection to an alleged assault on a woman. This information was made public by authorities on Friday.

Jacob Alan Hobson, a Hemet police officer, aged 29, found himself in custody at the Riverside County Sheriff’s Department. Hemet police officer Hobson has been accused of committing two instances of assault with a high potential to cause serious bodily harm, together with a charge of assault while abusing his position of authority.

The District Attorney’s Office has also included two additional elements of inducing a state coma or permanent paralysis in an individual, each of which could potentially extend his sentence by five years upon conviction, according to Press-Enterprise.

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Hemet Police Officer Faces Questions Over Alleged Assault on Woman – Photo by: (niagarafineart.org)

Hemet Police Officer’s Actions on July 23 Near Gas Station

Following an event on July 23rd, the allegations against the Hemet Police officer originate from an instance where Hobson engaged with a group situated behind a gas station on the 1700 block of West Florida Avenue. The Riverside County sheriff’s and district attorney’s offices were called upon by the department to conduct an inquiry into the forceful apprehension.

Upon finding the active felony warrant for a woman in the group, Hemet police officer Hobson chose to apprehend her. However, during his attempt to handcuff her, the woman initially resisted, resulting in her sustaining a severe injury. This information comes from a police statement. CBS states that Hemet police officer Hobson is set for arraignment on Monday, August 21, at 1:30 p.m.

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