His wife was killed the day before their eviction. A decade later, he faced another foreclosure — and a murder charge.

Pete Erickson become shocked and confused after knowing that an intruder broke into his sister’s house in Minnesota and killed her. His sister’s death was followed by Heidi Firkus’ murder a decade ago. Rachel’s husband Nick Firkus after her death disclosed that they were facing a financial issue and Heidi knows about it from a long time and he said his wife’s mother was related to death of Heidi Firkus’.

But according to prosecutors, Nick Firkus was lying and claimed that there was no intruder at the time of his wife’s murder instead Nick Firkus himself killed his wife with a double barrel shotgun. Firkus rejected the accusation and disclosed everything feeling ashamed and said that he was guilty for not letting know anyone about the issue nor his wife. He declared that their eviction was scheduled after the day when his wife got killed. He also revealed that Firkus was the guy who squandered their money and they lost their home.

Did Rachel knows about the financial problems-

According to Pete Erickson, the couple met at church in 2005 and got married, at that time Nick was working for his father’s carpet cleaning business. In 2007, they bought a new house of high cost but they sooner come underwater and by 2008 after they took out two mortgages, the bank started sending forecl

osure notices to them and home was sold in sheriff’s auction the next summer.

The defender of Nick named Joe Friedberg, told that it was impossible

for Heidi’s family to notice that she knews everything but another lawyer named Robert Richman said that their house was filled with large number of documents and she definitely knows everything about it.

Then it comes to the turning point in the case, his second wife Rachel Firkus disclosed her husband’s “white lies” anf confronted him, while confrontation she recorded everything and revealed the truth in front of jury. This declared Nick Frikus guilty and he was sentenced to life in April.

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