Hollywood Star Sam Haskell Appears Shirtless In Court In Los Angeles After Being Charged With Murder

Police believe that the son of a Hollywood producer and beauty queen actress killed his wife and her parents. The son showed up in court on Friday, shirtless, with a transparent bag that looked to be filled with milk and dog biscuits.

Hollywood Star Sam Haskell Appears Shirtless In Court In Los Angeles After Being Charged With Murder

Sam Haskell IV was accused by police of the murders of his wife, Mei Haskell, 37, and her parents, Goashan Li, 72, and Yanxiang Wang, 64. The charges stemmed from the discovery of a decapitated torso in a bin near the family home by a homeless man who was skip-diving last month.

Family acquaintances told Fox News Digital that the in-laws had moved from China into Haskell’s home and were helping to raise the couple’s three sons.

According to reports, Haskell, 35, is the man seen pulling up to the garbage and fumbling to throw something heavy inside.

Before Haskell was arrested, police made two visits to his residence. When it happened for the first time, some day workers informed them they had been requested to take out some suspicious-looking bags that were damp and heavy. Responding police, however, were compelled to depart the area after discovering no proof.

LAPD Detective Efren Gutierrez claims that when they brought a search warrant the second time, they discovered blood and other evidence inside. Haskell was taken into custody by police at a neighbouring mall.

The arraignment is scheduled for January 12th. Haskell is charged with three counts of first-degree murder in addition to possible special circumstance charges that might result in a harsher sentence if proven true.

Notably, Los Angeles District Attorney George Gascon has pledged to “do everything in our power to ensure justice is served.” Despite this, Haskell is being held without bond and faces a possible sentence of life in prison without the possibility of release.

The prosecuting deputy district attorney objected to the postponement, stating that some relatives of the victims had flown in from China to attend the hearings.

Haskell’s parents, actress and beauty queen Mary Donnelly Haskell, and Hollywood producer Sam Haskell III, are well-known for their Christmas filmography.

In addition, Haskell’s father was a former talent representative for A-list celebrities including Dolly Parton and George Clooney.

Haskell acted strangely when he saw an old buddy at a nearby diner, weeks before the murders.

“Typically, when we run into each other, it’s a hug,” his friend told Fox News Digital. “This time, he was backing away from me. … He doesn’t want a hug, and he’s backing up, like I’m a threat or something like that.”

Concerning her safety as well as Haskell’s parents, whom she referred to as “wonderful people” who were always kind to her, the woman preferred to stay unknown.

She claimed that Haskell motioned her away with his hand, acting as though he was trying to keep her away from his kids.

“He seemed very paranoid, and then he sat in the far back of the restaurant, away from everybody,” she said. “So that was just weird, even for Sam.”

She called him brilliant, handsome, and incredibly awkward among people.

When Mei Haskell’s friends gathered in the courtroom during his first court appearance last month, some held handwritten signs that said, “We Miss Mei” and “Justice for Mei Today!” Haskell grimaced. Some of them were heard sobbing during the hearing.

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