Homeless Man Was Killed in A Stabbing Incident in Washington Square Park

The 35-year-old homeless man was dead after being stabbed at the park by a 30-year-old homeless man. It was reported that the victim was a bully. Does it need to go this far?

Khajah Gaye 30-year-old the culprit. (Photo: amNewYork)
Khajah Gaye 30-year-old the culprit. (Photo: amNewYork)

In a published article on New York Post, last month the 30 years old Khajah Gaye stabbed a homeless man in the park of Washington Square. It was stated there that the victim was a bully into the other homeless person in the park. Authorities found out that the homeless man is living in a shelter.

The homeless man was then transported to a near hospital. But, unfortunately the homeless man died.

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Authorities later found out that the culprit for the murder of the homeless man was also a homeless person. The homeless man who killed the 35-year-old was also charged in assault with a weapon back in May 2019.

There are witness in the scene and the authorities found out that Bullock was a bullied to other homeless people in the park.

The homeless man who killed Bullock was charged for the possession of illegal weapons and theft. The homeless man is already waiting for his arraignment.

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