House GOP unveils $14.3 billion Israel aid bill that would cut funding to IRS

It was declared that House Republicans want to pay emergency aid to Israel by cutting the fundings which were earlier provided to IRS in Washington. The House GOP announced that they had released $14.3 billion standalone measures to pay emergency aid to Israel by cutting the funding that was allocated to IRS under the Inflation Reduction Act. This legislation was signed by President Joe Biden.

This Republican bill set up a fight between Mr. Biden and all other democrats as they were not supporting this bill. They gave the Republican a warning in providing emergency aid to Israel and also to Ukraine. The Congress was being asked by the White House to provide them with $125 billions aid package two weeks back. From this aid package, $14 billion was provided to Israel and $61 billion to Ukraine to give them emergency aid.

Johnson was the one who supported the seperation of this emergency aid informed that cuts to IRS is unawared among the democrats and for this he organised a direct and thoughtful conversation and for this he planned to call Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer. Johnson said to Fox News said that he understand the needs of IRS agent but protecting the innocents of Israel is the first priority of Americans and this is much more necessary than fulfilling the needs of IRS agents.The President Joe Biden signed the Inflation Reduction Act in 2022 and this includes billion of dollars in order to fulfill the needs of natives and this was related to climate change, health care costs and taxes. To renovate the decades-old technological system they also hired $80 billions more in order to hire thousands of agents for this.

This issue is yet not solved and thus only Johnson is standing for providing emergency aid to Israel and Ukrained.

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