House Passes Amendment to Reduce Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin’s Salary to $1

The House of Representatives approved an amendment on September 27, 2023, reducing Secretary of Defence Lloyd Austin’s salary to $1. By a vote of 215-209, which included all Democrats and five Republicans, the amendment was approved.

Amendment to Reduce Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin’s Pay Proposed Amidst Controversy

Representative Matt Gaetz (R-FL), a prominent opponent of Austin, proposed the amendment. Gaetz has charged Austin with being incompetent and providing insufficient assistance to Ukraine.

Gaetz claimed in a statement that the amendment was required to make Austin responsible for his mistakes. Austin “has done a terrible job as Secretary of Defence,” the speaker alleged, and “he deserves to be punished.”

The proposal has drawn criticism from the White House for being a “political stunt.” Austin’s record has been supported by the White House, which noted that he has served as a strong military leader.

Whether the amendment will become a law is uncertain. The Senate would need to ratify the amendment. And for it to go into force, President Biden would have to sign it into law.

Amendment Approval Highlights Division Within Republican Party Regarding Secretary of Defense Austin

The approval of the amendment, however, is evidence of the severe differences that exist within the Republican Party. The vote on the amendment demonstrates how difficult it is for the party to come together around a single objective.

The amendment also reflects some Republicans’ growing discontent with Austin. Austin’s management of the pullout from Afghanistan has drawn criticism. His choice to send troops to Ukraine as well as how he handled the COVID-19 pandemic.

It is crucial to remember that the amendment is merely a show of support. It’s improbable that Austin’s income will be reduced to $1 in actuality. The change does, however, convey to Austin that he is not being criticised by some members of his own party.

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