Houston-Area Massage Parlor to Pay $1 Million Settlement Amid Sexual Assault Allegations

The owner of three Massage Envy franchise shops in the area has agreed to pay $1 million to two victims.

According to lawyers, at least two sexual assault instances were documented at the Conroe location.

In fact, lawyers fear there could be more victims.

Jose Franco, 53, is accused of attacking both women. He faces felony sexual assault and misdemeanour indecent assault charges.

According to the women’s lawyers, Franco was fired, but not quickly enough.

“My life will never be the same,” said one woman who claimed to have been sexually abused last year and then diagnosed with herpes.

The 63-year-old informed ABC13 that she was coming for a normal appointment and had been there before. According to her, the employee suggested she arrange a 90-minute session because she was “tight” and “tense.”

She claimed that when she arrived for the session, the employee turned off the lights and inserted his fingers inside her. He then allegedly engaged in oral sex, according to her.

She believes she was also groomed.

Another woman’s breasts were inappropriately touched, according to court records.

“My biggest fear was that if I screamed, kicked him, or did anything else, he would hurt me even more.” “If I didn’t just lay there, he’d hurt me even more,” she explained.

The woman, who did not want to be photographed, wanted to share her experience in order to inspire other sexual assault victims to come forward. She claimed that it took her more than a week to denounce Franco to the police.

“That was a tough decision for me to think that I was putting someone in jail, but then going through counselling, I found out I wasn’t putting him in jail, he was putting himself in jail,” she told me.

Franco is presently out on $30,000 bond and is scheduled to appear in court next month.

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