Hundreds Of Spectators From An Illegal Cockfighting Ring Disperse Into The Woods As Texas Deputies Arrive

The San Jacinto County Sheriff’s Office reports that over 300 people were reportedly present at an unlawful cockfighting event on Sunday in Texas and that 19 of those spectators were taken into custody by police.

Hundreds Of Spectators From An Illegal Cockfighting Ring Disperse Into The Woods As Texas Deputies Arrive

Just after 4:30 p.m. on Sunday, October 15, officers with the San Jacinto County Sheriff’s Office got a call reporting an animal cruelty event taking place at 100 Maxine Road in San Jacinto County, according to a Facebook statement from the officials.

A patrol sergeant and two patrol deputies arrived on the site to find a 250–300-person unlawful cockfighting event taking place in a covered structure that included a kitchen, a cockfighting arena, and makeshift seating.

Additionally, deputies discovered a number of gambling-related artefacts, such as a dry-erase board that recorded numerous bird “fights” and matches, showing that approximately 44 fights and matches had previously occurred earlier in the day.

Deputies reported that they were able to capture 19 individuals, while others fled into the neighbouring woods. A total of 100 automobiles were left behind, of which 75 were towed and 43 were subject to forfeiture.

At the location, deputies discovered the following things, per a police report:

  • A seizure hearing is ongoing about the ultimate disposition/custody of the 96 live birds that were taken into custody.
  • On the spot, 19 people were taken into custody for watching or taking part in cockfighting. which at least seven were thought to be undocumented immigrants.
  • Following their seizure, four specially designed utility trailers outfitted for the transportation and storage of birds are facing forfeiture procedures.
  • The registered owners of the 22 cars that were towed from the site have either been disclosed or will soon be.
  • Vehicles were found to have five fully loaded semi-automatic handguns and cockfighting accessories inside.
  • Two cars were found to have tiny amounts of marijuana in them, along with cockfighting accessories.

According to deputies, a total of about $22,096.00 was taken from the 19 people who were taken into custody; one of the individuals was found to be in possession of $6,000. The suspects who had more cash on hand were discovered to be the registered owners of the impounded cars that also included cockfighting gear.

“This is an ongoing investigation with a large amount of investigative work yet to be conducted. Those found to have been at the scene will be charged to the maximum extent the law allows,” San Jacinto County Sheriff Greg Capers posted. “Animal Cruelty will NOT be tolerated in San Jacinto County.”

Authorities also anticipate that at least five suspects will be charged with several felonies, including possession of an unauthorised weapon, cockfighting, illegal gambling, animal cruelty, organised crime, and federal weapons possession by undocumented immigrants.

A grand jury will hear the case when all evidence, summaries, and facts have been submitted to the San Jacinto County District Attorney’s Office, according to a post made by officials. This will determine whether or not more charges will be brought in this case.

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