In Broad Daylight, A “Shameless” Miami Burglar Makes Off With A Woman’s Patio Furniture

In broad daylight, a “shameless” man in Florida was seen on tape stealing a woman’s porch decorations and fumbling to fit the pilfered goods into his SUV.

In Broad Daylight, A

On November 9, Aramairon Perez posted a video of the thief in action that she took with her Nest doorbell camera to Instagram.

“At 8.36 am at my house, a shameless person robbed me,” Perez wrote in Spanish. “I’m sharing it so that you are aware, you can no longer be calm.”

In the unusual video, the burglar can be seen pulling up to Perez’s Miami, Florida home in his black Ford Expedition. He was disguised as a Miami Heat basketball player and was dressed all in black.

He appears to be oblivious that he is being videotaped as he hurriedly unlocks the trunk and jogs up to Perez’s porch.

Initially, the burglar is observed hauling a big wicker chair to his SUV and finding it difficult to fit inside. He eventually succeeds in getting it into his car.

The burglar doesn’t stop there; he goes back to Perez’s porch in Miami and takes a green, exotic-looking plant.

In the Nest doorbell video, he can be seen struggling with the bulky potted plant. Eventually, he is seen sliding it close to the wicker chair after a few fruitless efforts.

The man starts to go back towards the porch, but it seems like he has a change of heart and comes back to shut his exploding SUV and drive away.

Following the incident, the Miami Police Department did not immediately clarify if the thief had been taken into custody.

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