Ind. father allegedly killed wife in front of their 2 kids on their way to photo shoot

A man from Dearborn County has been accused for killing his wife for seven time in front of their two children as she caught red handed for having affair with two different people in their neighborhood.

Dearborn County Prosecutor Lynn Deddens announced that on November 8, 2023 a man named Mohammed Mondal was charged in case of murder, two counts of neglect of a dependent and a felony firearm has been sentenced for being in connection with the shooting death of his wife, 40-year-old Stacy Mondal.According to the reports, on Monday, November 6,2023 at approximately 11:50 am, Mohammed Mondal created a scene by calling his neighbor and said to him that he accidently shot his wife in order to self-defense in her left arm and as of report says at that time he sounded panicked and upset.

Then with his neighbor Mondal drove his wife to the hospital and in the hospital the law officials were already waiting for him. The law officials observed that Stacy Mondal was lying in the passenger seat with blood on her clothing with a small black handgun on the floor near her feet. Then Stacy Mondal was carried into the hospital to the emergency room by the officials where doctors and nurses took care of them but she died at 12:11 p.m.

Mohammed Mondal reportedly killed his wife in front of his two children aged 14 months and 2 months respectively. According to the reports, detectives informed Mondal about death of his wife and then he first time stated that first of all Stacy pointed gun on him and them he shoot her in self-defense.

Then again on November 7,2023 detectives again interviewed Mondal and he said that “I am not a bad guy”, he just shot her wife in self-defense. The medical reports of autopsy said that the victim sustained seven gunshots wounds, and bullets struck her heart, lungs and liver.

He was then scheduled to be appear in the court on Thursday, November 9,2023.


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