Indiana woman and three children were shot and later found dead in a burning house

According to officials, a mother and her three children were shot and killed and discovered dead in a smouldering home in rural southeast Indiana on Tuesday.

Sgt. Stephen Wheeles of the Indiana State Police stated that the mother, 35-year-old Naomi Briner, and her three children, 12-year-old Adelia Briner, 8-year-old Leland Briner, and 6-year-old Iyla Briner, were discovered inside the home by firefighters on Tuesday at approximately 4 p.m. The residence can be found slightly outside of Madison in the 1600 block of East Telegraph Hill Road.

The house was on fire when the fire department and police arrived on the site, according to the police.

Firefighters discovered four victims’ bodies inside the house upon entering, and although they were given life-saving treatments, they were all declared dead at the site. Wheeles posted on social media that the fire had been put out and that police had been called to the scene.

Pictures from the incident display the burning car in the driveway and the home’s scorched roof. There were also Christmas lights placed throughout the yard.

Indiana woman and three children were shot and later found dead in a burning house

Initially, Wheeles had stated on Tuesday that the names of the fatalities would not be released in press releases until the coroner’s office in Jefferson County, which includes Madison, could properly identify them. He said at the time that autopsies to formally ascertain the causes of death were set to take place in Hamilton County, Ohio, which is located about 80 miles from Jefferson County in the Cincinnati region.

In his Wednesday update, Wheeles omitted any mention of the autopsy findings or the official cause.

“Further investigation has determined that all four of the deceased had injuries consistent with gunshot wounds at the time they were located inside of the residence,” he stated. “The investigation is still underway. Investigators do not, however, currently think that the public is in danger.”

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