Investigators allege ‘violent and mentally unstable’ man abducted his mother in Alabama

A news released from the Lauderdale County Sheriff’s Office declared that a man named Kristopher Moore of age 47-year drove his mother in a borrowed car to the bank on November 3,2023 where they withdrew a large amount of money. Kristopher was living in a camper behind his mother’s home whose name was Mary Ann Moore whose age is 78-years.

According to the report of Sheriff’s office after withdrawing money from the bank they went back to her home and then the next day at around 7 a.m., Kristopher Moore and his mother were missing and since then family and friends have not seen them. It was not confirmed to the authorities that what type of car they were driving at that time.According to the family and friends of Kristopher Moore, the authorities came to know that he exhibit an erratic behavior and due to this they believe that his mother is in extreme danger.

The statement called Kristopher Moore “violent and mentally unstable”.

The Sheriff’s give some description of them that includes that Mary Ann Moore is around 5-foot-6 weighing 150 pounds and has grayish hair and Kristopher is 5-foot-10 weighing 175 pounds, and has brown eyes and hair as well as he also has a Celtic cross tattoo on his chest.

And the Sheriff’s asked that if anyone found someone who resembles above description or anything else regarding this incident can report or call deputies to 911.

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