Israel-Hamas Conflict Sparks Grief, Anger, and Fear on College Campuses

Canadian institutions have been dealing with how to confront a very divided subject that has caused grief, rage, and intense debate on campuses and in wider society in the days after Hamas initiated terrorist attacks on Israel.

Several colleges have experienced criticism for public statements, and others have been required to reply to groups that have shown support for the militant group’s acts.

Some universities, like Concordia University in Montreal and Western University in London, Ont., were chastised online for making statements against “violence in the Middle East” while failing to name Israel or the attack on its civilian population on Saturday. Others, like as Waterloo, used harsher terminology, calling the bombing a “reprehensible terrorist attack on Israeli civilians.”

On Oct. 8, the University of Toronto issued a statement expressing concern for students in “the Middle East region,” followed by another the next day condemning terrorist attacks and the “attack on Israel’s civilian population.”

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