Italy Finds The Relatives Of A Pakistani Woman Guilty Of Her Murder As She Refused To Marry Her Cousin

An 18-year-old Pakistani woman was found guilty by a court in northern Italy of her murder thereafter she defied her family’s orders to wed a cousin back home.

Italy Finds The Relatives Of A Pakistani Woman Guilty Of Her Murder As She Refused To Marry Her Cousin

Six months after Saman Abbas was last seen alive on security footage strolling around the same fields with her parents, her body was discovered in November 2022 in an abandoned farmhouse close to the fields where her father worked in northern Italy. Italian prosecutors claimed that on May 1, 2021, she was murdered by her relatives. Her parents took a plane from Milan to Pakistan a few days later.

A Reggio Emilia court condemned her uncle, Danish Hasnain, to 14 years in prison; her parents, Shabbar Abbas and Nazia Shaheen, were given life sentences. After a not-guilty verdict, two relatives were allowed to leave jail.

Before the court’s deliberations, Abbas, who was extradited from Pakistan in August, sobbed and declared his innocence. Shaheen, his spouse, is thought to be in Pakistan and was prosecuted in absentia.

The trial was the most well-known of several criminal investigations that took place in Italy in recent years and involved the killing or abuse of immigrant women or girls who refused to marry someone their family had picked out for them.

The young woman had a shattered neck bone, which may have been caused by strangulation, according to an autopsy. She had left Pakistan as a youngster and moved to Novellara, an agricultural town in Emilia-Romagna, northern Italy.

She adopted Western culture fast, taking off her hijab and dating any young man she wanted. She and her Pakistani lover were pictured kissing on a street in Bologna, the regional capital, in one of her social media posts.

Italian investigators claim that Abbas’ parents were infuriated by that kiss and wanted her to wed a relative in Pakistan.

It was alleged that Abbas confided in her partner that she was afraid for her life because she wouldn’t marry an older man back home.

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