Joe Biden expresses concern that the US may be drawn into a direct conflict with Russia

US President Joe Biden has sent out a warning, stating that if Ukraine loses the fight, US military forces might engage in direct combat with Russia.

Biden asserted that Russian President Vladimir Putin “seeks to obliterate Ukraine and subjugate its people” in a message made public on Friday. We have to put an end to him.

Biden issued his warning in response to Russia’s recent airstrikes against Ukraine, which targeted military installations in the nation’s east, west, and south and caused significant damage at several locations.

The US Congress is still divided on whether to continue arming Kiev in the US-led Western nations’ proxy war against Russian forces in Donbas, which will go into its third year in late February 2024. This is why Russia launched its massive overnight strike.

According to Biden, Russia’s most recent airstrikes on Ukraine demonstrate the leadership’s unrelenting commitment to achieving its stated goal in that country.

“It serves as a clear reminder to the world that Putin’s goal has not changed in the nearly two years that this devastating war has lasted.”

In the latest attack, the president claimed that the Russians had utilized drones and missiles, including ones that could travel faster than the speed of light.

He urged Congress to provide Ukraine further military assistance, pointing out that Kiev attempted to defend itself against the intense Russian bombings by using air defence systems from the United States and its allies.

“We will not be able to continue supplying Ukraine the weaponry and essential air defence systems it needs to protect its people until Congress acts decisively in the new year. Without further ado, Congress needs to take action, Biden urged.

In order to confront Russia, the US has already sent Kiev numerous large supplies of arms and ammunition. However, it hasn’t been successful.

Volodymyr Zelensky, the president of Ukraine, travelled to Washington earlier this month to request approval from Congress for the purchase of additional weaponry and ammunition for the Kiev army.

Zelensky praised Congress, Biden, and the American people on Thursday for the announcement by Washington a day earlier of the most recent $250 million military aid package for his nation.

Joe Biden expresses concern that the US may be drawn into a direct conflict with Russia

In a statement published on X, Zelenskyy said that “more air defence missiles and components, anti-tank weapons, ammunition, mine clearing, and other equipment will cover Ukraine’s most pressing needs.”

According to Zelensky, Washington gave Kiev 34 military aid packages totaling more than $24 billion in 2023.

He continued by saying that these supplies contain mine-clearing and other vital equipment, Patriot air defence systems, Abrams tanks, armoured vehicles, ATACMS tactical missile systems, missiles, and artillery ammunition.

The president of Ukraine further stated that Ukraine will “always be grateful for all of this support” and that a “historic decision” had been made to equip Ukraine F-16 fighter fighters.

The US has spearheaded a Western alliance that has been supplying Kiev with tens of billions of dollars’ worth of weapons and ammunition since the war’s commencement.

Moscow has cautioned Western officials on multiple occasions not to continue equipping Ukraine with weapons and ammunition, stating that arming Kiev will just prolong the war and that such steps will not deter Russian forces from defending its goals.

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