Judge Ejects Outraged Supporters From Court After Sentencing A Palestinian Guy From NYC For A Brutal Antisemitic Beating

After yelling at the judge during the guy’s sentence, a sizable crowd that had gathered to support a Palestinian-American man found guilty of participating in a hate crime beating of a Jewish man in a Times Square demonstration was driven out of a Manhattan courtroom on Tuesday.

Judge Ejects Outraged Supporters From Court After Sentencing A Palestinian Guy From NYC For A Brutal Antisemitic Beating

In 2021, Mahmoud Musa was one of several guys who, upon discovering Joseph Borgen in public wearing a yarmulke, assaulted him mercilessly. Prosecutors claim that they set out that morning “to attack Jewish people,” and they discovered Borgen en route to a pro-Israel demonstration.

They kicked him while he was on the ground, slammed him to the ground, and showered him with pepper spray.

“I felt a liquid being poured on my face, and at first I thought I was getting urinated on, but it turned out I was getting maced and pepper sprayed,” Borgen told the New York Post shortly after the 2021 attack. “My face was on fire. That pain was worse than the concussion and all this other stuff that followed.”

His attackers were shown on camera cursing him antisemitically and beating him, leaving him with a concussion and requiring a neck brace.

“If the cops did not come if they did not save my life, I would have died,” Borgen said during his victim impact statement.

Wearing hats and T-shirts, Borgen’s supporters sat silently in the courtroom on Tuesday, calling for justice and criticising antisemitism.

Musa’s supporters showed up for the hearing about thirty minutes in. Prosecutors had requested a sentence of six years, while his defence had argued for a minimum, of three and a half.

When Musa was informed by Judge Felicia Mennin that he would be serving seven years in prison, the crowd surged, denouncing the decision as “unfair.”

According to The Post, reporters in the rear of the courtroom heard them refer to Judge Mennin as a “racist” because of the sentence, which is less than half of the 15-year maximum.

Officers from the court took them out of the structure. It took an additional twenty minutes for the courthouse to be evacuated and for reporters and Borgen’s supporters to be informed that they could leave the building securely.

Although Borgen expressed satisfaction with the sentencing, he expressed concern about antisemitic violence in light of the ongoing demonstrations against Israel and Hamas, the Palestinian terror group that surprised the nation last month.

“I’m relieved it’s over, I think we got a strong prison sentence and I think it sends a clear message that Jewish blood, for that matter hate crimes in all senses of the word, are not going to be treated lightly in New York City,” Borgen told reporters outside the courthouse.

Two additional attacker suspects are still unidentified, and two more got somewhat shorter sentences.

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