Kentucky SNAP Bill Sparks Hunger Concerns Among Opponents

Kentucky SNAP Bill Debate

Families at Risk

According to WDRB, in Kentucky, there’s a big argument about changing the rules for food help called SNAP. Some lawmakers want to make it harder for people to qualify, but others say it’ll make more families go hungry. People like Tania Whitfield who depends on Kentucky SNAP bill to feed her family worry about what the changes could mean for them.

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Kentucky SNAP Bill Sparks Hunger Concerns Among Opponents. (PHOTO: Capital Public Radio)

Stakeholder Concerns

Many groups are concerned about the changes to Kentucky SNAP bill. AARP Kentucky worries it’ll harm seniors and small farmers fear they’ll lose income if fewer use Kentucky SNAP bill. The Kentucky SNAP bill has passed one stage but needs another vote. Until then, both sides will continue to advocate for what they think is best for Kentucky.

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