Kentucky’s Rand Paul’s Filibuster: Rejecting Ukraine’s Aid Package

Sen. Rand Paul publicly criticized GOP Senate Leader Mitch McConnell for collaborating with Democrats to give Ukraine more funding at a time when the United States is beset by a $34 trillion debt as he began a filibuster of a $95 billion foreign aid package on Monday.

“Pop the cork and open the champagne.” Both the Republican and Democratic leaders of the Senate are in route to Kiev. They are carrying $60 billion with them. They’re taking your money to Kiev, I’m not sure if it will be cash in pallets, Paul stated on the Senate floor on Monday afternoon.

Kentucky's Rand Paul's Filibuster: Rejecting Ukraine's Aid Package

“There is no money to give them,” he went on. We’ve left. We have absolutely no money.

The Senate decided to proceed with a supplementary bill that would give U.S. Treasury funds to Taiwan, Israel, and Ukraine for defence and security purposes during a rare Super Bowl Sunday session.

McConnell argued that the conclusion of the war between Russia and Ukraine, which is set to enter its third year, is inextricably linked to the security and prosperity of the United States.

“Our friends have made it clear that they see their own future in the fight of the Ukrainian people,” McConnell stated on Sunday, “from halfway around the world in the Indo-Pacific.” “Our friends and allies hope that the indispensable country, which serves as the head of the free world, will be resolute in its pursuit of its goals. And that’s precisely what our enemies are hoping for.

Paul, a lifelong opponent of American military interventionism, claimed that the claim that Ukraine’s autonomy had an impact on U.S. security was “ludicrous.” He suggested funds should come from the Pentagon budget if Congress thought the two were related.

Paul asserted, “I believe that providing money to Ukraine actually puts our national security at risk.” “Why? since I believe it puts our nation’s budgetary stability in jeopardy.

Paul has previously charged that Senate leadership, including Democratic Majority Leader Chuck Schumer and McConnell, had engaged in “criminal neglect” by placing Ukraine aid ahead of repairing the southern border of the United States.

Last week, a bipartisan agreement to tie new immigration limits to foreign funding fell apart when a group of conservative senators rebelled and former President Donald Trump declared his disapproval.

The Senate leadership chose to ignore the issues at the southern border of the United States and move forward with a stand-alone foreign aid measure.

People from all over the world are known to frequent Bowling Green, Kentucky. There are 100 different languages spoken in our classrooms, according to Paul. “This is unrelated to the opposition to immigration. The reason is that, since the majority of the 750,000 individuals are guys of military age, we don’t want to meet people about whom we don’t know the identity.

Paul’s testimony on Monday was intended to convey a great deal of domestic discomfort over the continuation of funding a foreign war, but the McConnell position is probably supported by enough votes in the Senate.

The legislation was approved on Sunday, 67-27, with 27 Republicans voting “no.” Along with 47 Democrats and two independents, 18 Republicans supported moving forward with the proposal.

A final vote, which would send the bill to the House, where it would face dubious prospects due to a hostile GOP majority, is anticipated on Wednesday following more procedural votes.

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