Know About The Serial Killer Who Has At Least 4 Victims Yet Remains Anonymous And In The Shadows

The killings of four women and the painstaking staging of their corpses give the impression of a ghost story rather than a real criminal case.

Know About The Serial Killer Who Has At Least 4 Victims Yet Remains Anonymous And In The Shadows

At least four women lost their lives as a result of a serial killer’s fall 2006 hunt in Atlantic City: Kim Raffo, Barbara Breidor, Molly Dilts, and Tracy Ann Roberts.

With their heads pointing east and their arms extended into the river, their bodies were abandoned near Egg Harbor Township, New Jersey’s Black Horse Pike, giving rise to the ominous nickname “Eastbound Strangler.”

But over two decades later, the murderer is still a menacing figure. Numerous theories that sought to provide this ghost with a face have crumbled.

In February, there was an A&E episode called “Will the Identity of the Eastbound Strangler Ever Be Revealed?”

Criminal profiler John Kelly said his team at STALK Inc. still receives information, including a couple the team is investigating, but his “level of confidence is not high.” His team has an open $25,000 reward for this case.

“When this first happened, there was a frenzy and panic that was taking place,” Kelly told Fox News Digital. “You had a guy who was pretty much killing a girl a week or a girl every 10 days. It was like, ‘Wow, he got a live wire here.'”

In November 2006, two women by mistake discovered the 35-year-old Raffo’s remains behind the now-demolished Golden Key Motel.

In the same pit, authorities discovered the bodies of Dilts, 19, Roberts, 23, and Breidor, 42. Over five weeks, each woman was dumped separately in a pit with a creek behind the motel, which became known as the “Motel from Hell.”

Every victim had all of their clothes on, except their feet, which the murderer used to secure them to the ditch’s edge and prevent them from floating away. They were positioned in the sea about 320 feet apart, heads facing east and arms extended.

Kelly and his group at STALK, or System To Apprehend Lethal Killers, speculated that they were searching for a man who had a foot fetish or someone who killed as a religious ritual as a result of this.

“To me, this was someone who was concerned about DNA, concerned about some ritual and concerned about possibly coming back, which most (serial killers) do to relive the situation,” Kelly said.

“It was not about somebody trying to hide the bodies, because if you wanted to hide bodies in that area, you’ve got a lot of places you can hide them. And all the women were found with nothing covering them.”

‘Eastbound Strangler’ and Long Island Serial Killer are not the same

Kelly and his crew disproved the widely held belief that LISK, the Long Island Serial Killer, and the Eastbound Strangler were the same individual since the victims’ bodies were visible and meticulously displayed.

After the deaths of the “Gilgo 4,” all sex workers, were discovered on Gilgo Beach on Long Island’s south shore in late 2010, that theory gained traction.

But the techniques were never equal. Kelly ruled LISK out of Gilgo Beach in 2011 or 2012 because the victims were hidden and shrouded in burlap.

Kelly claims that even after Rex Heuermann, the so-called Long Island Serial Killer, was identified and accused of killing the “Gilgo 4,” there is still no concrete evidence linking him to the victims in Atlantic City.

Additionally, the district attorney for Suffolk County stated that there is no proof linking Heuermann to the killings of the Eastbound Strangler.

Kelly’s profile: Eastbound Strangler is a ‘narcissist’

Kelly developed a personality profile for the Eastbound Strangler based on the data, even though the man might not have a face.

In his most recent website update, he stated, “This deadly predator is a local male, who is familiar with the Atlantic City area and the disposal site of his victims.”

“He has a very organized personality which influences his personal and everyday activities, including his work. He is very rigid and structured in his everyday life.”

Kelly says he’s probably narcissistic and has a foot fetish with a collection of women’s shoes and socks.

“In his pre-offence mode, he may have spoken about the sinful nature of prostitution, or he may have voiced economic concerns about prostitutes destroying Atlantic City’s value or reputation,” he wrote.

“In his post-offence mode, he would say things like, ‘They got what they deserved’ or ‘Good riddance.'”

According to the profile, the killer probably keeps up with news about his killings, has a history of physically or sexually abusing women, is probably estranged from his father, and suffered violence as a child.

However, Kelly told Fox News Digital that none of the crime sites she examined matched the victims’ thoughtful placement. Furthermore, there has been no word on whether any possible DNA was tested with the newest technology or if it was recovered from the site.

Kelly believes the perpetrator killed before these four victims were discovered and probably killed others after, which is even more concerning.

“This was not his first rodeo,” Kelly said. “I truly believe he killed before because it’s rare for somebody to evolve that quickly, very rare. And so I have to believe he killed people somewhere else.

“And I would believe that there’s a really good chance that he killed after. And why I’m not saying killed after is because we have seen some of these guys go through a cooling-off period.”

Kelly added there may be a variety of reasons why the killings ceased, such as the suspect deciding to settle down in a relationship with someone they truly cared about or just not wanting to be discovered.

That is presuming that the killings are motivated by drug addiction, as was the case with serial killer Ted Bundy, who killed nearly every time he drank, according to Kelly.

The tip could be the best bet to catch Eastbound Strangler

Kelly added that serial killers such as the Eastbound Strangler frequently went out looking for sex workers, who might be in Atlantic City, another part of New Jersey, or another state.

While Kelly claims that they would “routinely habituate” sex workers, this does not imply that he would have killed every prostitute. This is likely the key to solving this specific case.

“They are constantly with prostitutes, and somebody out there knows him,” Kelly said. “And you know, if it’s because they all have a fetish, whether it’s a foot fetish or something ritualistic, it could be how he’s caught.”

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