LGBTQ activists abound in the Trans Advisory Group of World Health Organization

A check of the biographies of the WHO committee members revealed that the panel charged with creating transgender health guidelines is largely composed of LGBTQ activists.

According to a WHO press release, the guidelines will centre on transgender hormones, health workers’ education regarding transgender medical difficulties, and access to sex change surgeries. They will also include policies that advocate for the legal recognition of “gender identity.” According to websites the DCNF examined, over half of the development group’s members do not appear to have any medical experience, and many of them are LGBTQ activists who have advocated for changes to the legalization of underage sex.

The WHO’s biographical paper states that just 10 of the 21 members of the transgender guidelines advisory group have professional medical expertise. The board has seven transgender members.

Nations frequently seek advice on a range of health-related matters from the WHO.

The press release from the WHO states that “this new guideline will provide evidence and implementation guidance on health sector interventions aimed at increasing access and utilization of quality and respectful health services by trans and gender diverse people.”

Florence Ashley, a lawyer and bioethicist who is part of the advisory committee, describes herself on her website as a “transfeminine” lawyer.

In a video posted on September 20, 2023, Ashley said to TikTokers, “As a law professor who teaches criminal law, I felt compelled to inform you to be gay, do crimes.”

Additionally, Ashley penned a book titled “Gender/Fucking: The Pleasures and Politics of Living in a Gendered Body,” which is slated for publication in February 2024.

According to an Amazon book description, Florence Ashley “takes the idea of intellectual masturbation a bit too literally, drawing on their experiences as a transfeminine activist, academic, and slut to interrogate what it means to live in a gendered body in our difficult yet occasionally loving world.”

Ashley compared those who oppose kid sex transitions to Nazis in an article published in May 2023 with the heading “The Anti-Trans Panic Is Rooted in White Supremacist Ideology.”

Reproductive control is based on racism, and the American eugenics movement was heavily influenced by the Nazi concept of “racial hygiene,” which aimed to preserve the superiority and “purity” of the white race. Ashley said that the conservative reproductive goal of today is essentially a modern take on racial hygiene.

A number of additional members of the board are global left-wing activists who identify as LGBTQ activists.

According to the WHO, Zakaria Nasser is an activist who has been active in “trans and queer feminist organizing” in Lebanon and has been a part of the nation’s clandestine LGBTQ groups since 2007. Nasser is one of the co-founders of the Qorras collective, which creates “queer feminist knowledge.”

Another WHO member, Apako Williams, is identified as the executive director of Tranz Network Uganda, a nonprofit that advocates for Ugandans’ access to transgender medical operations. Sex change procedures are not available in Uganda “even in the private sector leaving many trans persons to self-medicate with products which is not safe,” according to their website.

One member of the advisory group, Cianan Russell, identifies himself as “afab faggot, trans-separatist, phd chemist, human rights activist, aspiring white anti-racist,” according to his Instagram bio. According to the WHO, Russell is a senior policy officer at ILGA-Europe, situated in Brussels, Belgium, where she works on issues related to transgender policy and the “antigender movement” in Europe and Central Asia.

Medical professionals and psychologists who perform sex change surgeries are among the other board members.

According to the WHO, clinical psychologist Chris McLachlan is on the board of the World Professional Association of Transgender Health (WPATH). McLachlan is a clinical practitioner who offers LGBTQ people gender change services.

Guidelines for sex change procedures and hormone therapy are provided by WPATH, a professional transgender medical organisation. In 2022, they eliminated their age restrictions for sex-change operations and sex hormone therapy.

The World Health Organization lists Walter Bouman as a trans health specialist at the Nottingham Centre Centre of Transgender Health in Nottingham, United Kingdom. As a physician, he performs sex change surgeries in addition to prescribing and overseeing hormone treatments for sex change.

In 2022, England closed its youth transgender clinic due to worries that medical professionals were pressuring young patients into sex changes without taking their mental health into account. Concerns regarding sex changes have been expressed by a number of researchers, who suggest that some transitioners may be dealing with unsolved mental health issues.

According to certain research, up to 25% of transitional people regret their decision.

A request for response from the Daily Caller News Foundation was not immediately answered by Ashley, Williams, McLachlan, Bouman, or the WHO.

The DCNF was unable to get in touch with Nasser or Russell at this time.

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