Looking For A Better Job Opportunity? Check Out This New York Startup Platform “Bandana”

Bandana (a New York-based startup platform) founded by Timothy Makalinao is on a mission to “transform” the job prospects of hourly wage workers by directing them to employers that could provide a better job opportunity.

New Online Job Search Platform (BANDANA) How this Works? (Photo: The Pexels)

Get To Know The Founder of “BANDANA”

Timothy Makalinao (who hails from a working-class background) understands the “challenges” faced by hourly employees (who are also looking for a Better Job Opportunity) in securing “decent-paying jobs” with essential benefits. Together with his co-founders; Caleb Lee and Larry Zhang, Timothy Makalinao is pioneering a platform (that helps provide a Better Job Opportunity)  aimed at “revitalizing” the American working class.

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Bandana’s innovative platform acts as a “bridge” (that helps provide a Better Job Opportunity) between job seekers and employers. For now, this platform [Bandana] is initially focused on providing a Better Job Opportunity in the New York City area.

Bandana’s primary goal is to “connect workers” with positions that offer wages (providing them an auspicious Better Job Opportunity) above the minimum.  Also, Bandana helps provide a Better Job Opportunity with crucial perks like “health coverage and paid leave” all within proximity to their homes.

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Online Job Search Platform (BANDANA) Could it Really Pave the Way for A Better Job Opportunity For Workers?

Moreover, Bandana’s approach (which helps provide a Better Job Opportunity) is not just “altruistic” but also… economically viable  aiming to compete with established “job search platforms” (which helps provide a Better Job Opportunity) without the “hefty” advertising budgets.

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The Bandana’s early beta testing (which helps provide a Better Job Opportunity) drew an impressive “30,000″ users without any advertising efforts. With this stat (which helps provide a Better Job Opportunity); Bandana’s efficiency in the online job searching domain is showcasing its potential to rival giants like Indeed.

By valuing workers as individuals (not commodities) Bandana believes it could not only “attract and retain” top talent but also… pave the way for workers to find a better job opportunity.

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