Los Angeles Freeway Robbery: Car Crash Victim Targeted by Heartless Robbers in Broad Daylight

In a shocking video, several brash auto burglars are seen purposefully running the victim off the road before robbing him on the side of a Los Angeles motorway during the day.

Around 1:30 p.m. on Tuesday, four masked and dark-clothed offenders were seen speeding out of a black Dodge Caravan towards a black Alfa Romeo automobile that had crashed on the eastbound side of I-10, according to KTLA.

As the highway robbers hurry towards the victim, one of them cries, “Hands up.”

As the attackers started looting the immobilised automobile, the unidentified victim put his hands over his head and went to his knees, according to footage captured by a passing driver.

One of the robbers seems to yell, “I got it,” as he takes something from the front seat.

In the brief stick-up, one of the suspects tries to threaten the witness on camera, but he soon returns to searching the disabled automobile.

The crooks had a white Chevrolet Malibu waiting adjacent to the crash scene as their getaway vehicle in case they made a spectacular escape.

KTLA verified the California Highway Patrol’s statement that the Caravan intentionally drove the car off the road.

The individual who took the footage told the newspaper, “[It was] definitely targeted.”

They were fully aware of what he had in the vehicle. It was what they were coming for.

In the collision, a Ford Mustang was also involved.

Police said that the suspects, who looked to be carrying weapons in the footage, were actually “armed with a hammer and crowbar,” not guns.

The site claims that no arrests have been made and that no injuries have been reported by CHP officials in relation to the incident.

A bystander claimed he was unaware of the heist when he pulled over to assist the victim, believing the incident to be just a car accident.

Rogelio Velasco told NBC Los Angeles, “I was more worried about the victim, and I thought he got hurt in the accident.”

“I believed that my only goal was to try to find out what was happening and see if I could assist them.”

Velasco claimed he observed the heist take place and made an effort to catch up with the getaway car, but was unable to do so.

The CHP is still looking for the robbers and conducting its investigation.


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