Lottery winner in Maryland shares unusual method he used to win $50,000 prize, but he won’t keep the whole amount

The man, who lives in Riverdale, Maryland, which is only three miles from Washington, D.C., shared his helpful tip with state lottery officials earlier this month when he went to pick his prize.

According to state officials, the man—who was only known as Fego—won the money after buying a $2 ticket in the January 9 Bonus Match 5 drawing.

Each lottery player must choose five numbers from 1 to 39 on each board they want to play in order to begin the game.

The numbers the man from Maryland chose were perfect.

He disclosed to the state lottery that he has been a regular winner of modest rewards in lotteries since 1980.
But this month’s jackpot was his first time walking away with a five-figure sum of money.

The man has also stuck with a straightforward method to win as he visits various lottery businesses to participate, including the Super Convenience Store in Riverdale where he bought the ticket.

He told officials, “I play the numbers that show up a lot, the ones that appear often.”

Fego played 5, 11, 18, 26, and 29 for the top prize in his fortunate win.

Along with giving some of the new money to his brother, he plans to use it to pay certain debts.

According to state lottery officials, lottery winners in Maryland are allowed to maintain their anonymity after making significant winnings.

The Maryland Lottery states on its website, “We do not release any such winner’s name or photo unless the winner has specifically given us written consent to do so.”

The state has stated that it does, however, encourage winners to take a picture with their prize so they can post it online.

Since the lottery’s founding in 1973, Maryland lottery players have been competing for huge prizes similar to Fego’s.

After the drawing date, winners of the state’s draw games will have about 182 days to claim their winnings.

It is crucial to keep in mind that, depending on the size of the jackpot, the majority of lottery wins are subject to taxes.

In Maryland, taxes are not withheld from prizes valued between $601 and $5,000 prior to the winner’s ability to claim the money.

The jackpots still need to be reported separately and are subject to taxes.

In the event that a reward exceeds $5,000, the state lottery will withhold roughly 24% in federal taxes, 8.95% in state taxes if the winner resides in Maryland, and 8% in state taxes if they do not.

Before taking ownership of your rewards if you think you may have found a winning lottery ticket, think about speaking with a financial expert.

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