Maintenance Workers Discovered A 2-Year-Old Kid Who Was Starving And Wrapped In Duct Tape

While fixing a dishwasher in an apartment in Houston, two maintenance workers discovered a nonverbal two-year-old girl restrained with duct tape. They reported the discovery to the authorities.

Maintenance Workers Discovered A 2-Year-Old Kid Who Was Starving And Wrapped In Duct Tape

The youngster had injuries consistent with physical, psychological, and neglectful treatment, including a brain bleed from a head injury, according to a criminal complaint. She weighed as much as a typical one-year-old and was underweight in addition to having a kidney ailment.

According to court filings, doctors warned that if the girl had not been taken to the hospital, she might not have made it through the night.

On November 28, 2023, the maintenance staff went to the residence after informing the police that they had obtained a work order. They say they heard the girl crying while fixing the dishwasher and found her lying on the living room floor “with her legs duct-taped.”

According to the lawsuit, the witnesses noticed the toddler was wrapped in a blanket, and when they took it off, they discovered her feet were bound. After taking a photo and a video, they left the flat and informed the police, according to the police.

The girl’s cousin, Toniesha Deshae Perkins, her boyfriend, Kenry Joseph Flukers, and the child’s teenage aunt, Mya Jhari Breaux-McGruder, all shared an apartment with the girl. All three were arrested and charged with unlawful restraint of a person under 17 and injury to a child.

The defence lawyer for Perkins indicated her client would enter a not-guilty plea. A request for comment from Flukers’ lawyer was not answered.

Sally L. Ring, Breaux-McGruder’s attorney, told Fox News Digital that her 17-year-old client had been wrongfully prosecuted.

“It is my understanding that the child was left in the care of the adults at the residence, as her mother was unable to provide for her,” Ring said. “My client is a 17-year-old high school student, who was staying at the residence only temporarily. I do not believe the state has the evidence to prove what they have alleged against my client. I pray for the healing of that child, and look forward to representing Ms. McGruder.”

Flukers denied seeing the child with duct tape over her hands and ankles to the police. He claimed that although the girl would not eat when fed, she would sneak food out of the pantry, trash can, and refrigerator and that her hands would inevitably stop her from doing so.

The complaint stated that there were five other children residing at the house, and they all seemed to be in good health.

Upon seeing the picture of the girl in shackles, Perkins attributed it to her kids, claiming that they shackle one another, according to the records.

Six-year-old twins who were among the youngsters questioned by the authorities claimed to have witnessed their parents, Perkins and Flukers, duct-tape their two-year-old daughter because she “wastes” food. A twin said that Perkins and Flukers allegedly used a belt to “whoop” the daughter and that the toddler “gets popped” if she takes off the duct tape.

The twin added that Perkins had told her to mention that she and her brother had been wrapping each other up with duct tape to anyone who inquired.

The child was under Perkins’s complete care and custody and had been residing at the house for the previous three months. The court filings indicate that her mother resides out of state.

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