Man Arrested for Illegally Entering and Occupying Atlantic City City Hall Overnight

Following a man’s arrest for breaking into City Hall on Sunday, some council members in Atlantic City are pushing for increased security.

On Monday morning, police detained 39-year-old Sherif Ramadan in a fourth-floor office. He spent the night there, according to police.

Authorities claim that although there was damage to the office, nobody was wounded.

Marty Small, Sr., the mayor of Atlantic City, released the following statement regarding the incident:

“I want to commend the City of Atlantic City Divisions of Youth, Senior, Multicultural Affairs, and Recreation for their prompt response when they informed me this morning that someone was inside their office. Shortly later, the Atlantic City Police Department showed up at City Hall and promptly and without incident took the man into arrest. Although the office space was damaged, nobody was hurt, which is what matters most. I want to express how unwise, nasty, and wrong it was for longstanding, inactive City Councilman George Tibbitt to use this opportunity to pursue political ambitions. He probably spends three hours a month in this building, but after hearing about what happened, he came to the location to capture photos of a crime scene that was still in progress and email them to fraudster Harry Hurley in an effort to damage this administration’s reputation. To ensure that regrettable occurrences like the one this morning don’t happen again, the Small administration will continue to take proactive measures.

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