Man Charged With Rape At Knifepoint In New York City Freed On Technicality

According to the New York Post, a guy who was detained for the savage rape of a lady in Brooklyn last month, with his accomplice holding two other women at knifepoint, has been released on supervised release on a technicality.

Man Charged With Rape At Knifepoint In New York City Freed On Technicality

Mohammed Izzeddin, 22, was taken into custody earlier this week after a judge decided that prosecutors had not filed an indictment promptly, according to law enforcement sources and Izzeddin’s attorney who spoke to the Post. Izzeddin was detained on December 28 and charged by police with rape as well as numerous other offences like robbery and unlawful imprisonment.

Local reports state that Izzeddin, a Brooklyn resident, is accused of raping a 49-year-old Asian lady on December 23 at approximately 6 p.m. after breaking into a store near 9th Avenue and 59th Street.

Mohammed Alwi, 25, of Canarsie, is his suspected accomplice. He has also been detained and accused of rape and other offences. Alwi allegedly brandished a knife to keep two other patrons “under control,” according to police, as reported by the New York Post.

However, Izzeddin is currently free because his attorney, Lance Lazzaro, persuaded a judge that the District Attorney (DA) overlooked a deadline of six days to submit an indictment. The District Attorney’s Office is required by New York state law to file an indictment as soon as possible after someone is taken into custody, but no later than six days.

Moreover, the legislation stipulates that the technical arrest date is the day prior if the arrest is made before 9 a.m. on a particular date.

The judge agreed that the prosecutors’ six-day timeframe ran out when Izzeddin was arrested on December 28 at approximately three in the morning but was not formally charged until approximately one in the afternoon.

“He ruled that there was a violation, so he had no choice but to release him on [his recognizance] or supervised release,” Lazzaro told the New York Post.

“So he chose supervised release. His hands are tied at that point.”

Izzeddin and Alwi were also accused of sexual abuse, coercive touching, intimidating, assault, and harassment, the NYPD said Fox News Digital.

Why the prosecution took so long to submit the indictment is unknown.

EMS were called after Izzeddin appeared to have overdosed on drugs inside his 68th Street house in the early hours of December 28. They called the police after realizing he had an outstanding warrant for his arrest, according to the New York Post.

The lawyer told the publication that Izzeddin was transferred to the hospital, where he was kept in handcuffs, and that he was then brought back to the 66th Precinct. His client, the lawyer added, “was never free to leave.”

On December 29, Izzeddin was arraigned the next day.

The victim told Pix11 News about the horrifying encounter.

“When I opened the door, the bad guy hit me in the face very hard,” the woman said via a translator app a few days after the incident. “I was afraid of hurting the other two girls, so I opened the door for him.”

“I am slowly adjusting. I think I may see a psychiatrist next.”

She claimed the women were robbed of roughly $300 by Izzeddin and Alwi.

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