Man Faces Additional Murder Charges in Texas  for Two Killing Incidents with the Possibility of the Death Penalty

Following his conviction for the 1980s murder of an 8-year-old girl and subsequent expulsion from multiple towns due to an early prison release, a Texas man has been indicted on two new murder charges in Texas, one of which could potentially result in the death penalty, as announced by prosecutors on Friday.

Man Convicted in 1980s Faces New Murder Charges in Texas

A report from the Detroit News states that Raul Meza Jr., aged 62, was taken into custody earlier this year and faces murder charges in Texas linked to the deaths of his cohabiting partner in May and a woman in 2019. While law enforcement has not released definite details, Austin police disclosed their investigation into as many as 10 unresolved cases dating back to 1996, which could potentially have associations with Meza. According to court records, Meza reached out to the Austin Police Department on May 24 and acknowledged responsibility for one of the murders when a detective responded to the call, as stated by CT.

Decades ago, Meza caused a commotion in Texan towns while trying to settle down after being paroled in 1993, having completed approximately a third of a 30-year sentence for the rape and killing of 8-year-old Kendra Page. He was granted early release due to good behavior and time served.

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Man Convicted in 1980s Faces New Murder Charges in Texas – Photo by: (Newsweek)

More About Raul Meza and His Crime

In a recent development from Travis County’s grand jury, murder charges in Texas include the case of Gloria Lofton, 65, who was discovered dead at her residence, and Meza is also facing a murder charge in connection with the demise of Jesse Fraga, 80.

In the Austin suburb of Pflugerville, authorities uncovered Fraga’s body on May 20 during a wellness check initiated due to his prolonged absence, while Lofton’s death resulted from strangulation.

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