Man Stabbed to Death in Santa Monica Beach, Suspect Arrested

A man was stabbed to death at the restrooms on Santa Monica beach last Monday, the suspect was arrested later.

How did the Tragic Death happen?

In response to the stabbing incident in Santa Monica on Monday, the local authorities administered first aid, including CPR, to the victim. Due to the man’s critical condition, firefighters promptly rescued and transported him to the nearest hospital. The incident occurred at the restrooms at 2:07 p.m., resulting in one fatality, as reported by EyeWitness.

According to the incident report, the individual had been assaulted and had a bloody chest stab wound. The investigators taped off the bloody crime scene at the public restroom.

This is a few blocks from the Santa Monica pier, near Bicknell Avenue. The people who witnessed the bloody incident shares said that it was a hideous turn of events.

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handcuffed arrested man behind prison bars. copy space

Suspect of the Bloody Incident in Santa Monica Beach

 A man with a dark cap and shirt was arrested by the Santa Monica authorities not that far from the bloody crime scene.

There’s a visible amount of blood that was on the crime scene. The man stabbed to death produces a huge amount of blood in the restroom. There’s a video about the incident that was posted in a Citizen app. The video showed how the crime scene was covered by the authorities and responders providing first aid and CPR to the bleeding man on the ground.

The crime was still under investigation in order to know the possible motives of the said attack and to see if the victim and suspect is connected.

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