Manhunt Underway for Gunman in Maine Mass Shooting In Maine

Following a mass shooting in a Maine hamlet that left at least eighteen people dead, authorities launched a manhunt for the perpetrator, searching woods and rivers.

On Wednesday night, the suspect—named Robert C.—started shooting at a pub and bowling alley in the little town of Lewiston.

Photographs showing a bearded man at one of the crime scenes, sporting a rifle held to his shoulders and dressed in pants and a brown hooded sweatshirt, have been disseminated by the police.

At least 13 people were injured in the incident, and they were receiving medical attention at a hospital.

Latest US mass shooting leaves at least 18 dead.

The town of three thousand people had closed its grocery stores, medical offices, and schools. In cities as far away as 50 miles (80 kilometres) from the crime scene, people remained behind their doors.

Senator Susan Collins reported that a large number of federal, state, and local law enforcement officials, along with 80 FBI agents, were searching for the gunman in Maine.

Officers stationed at the Canada-US border received a “armed and dangerous” alert from the Canada Border Services Agency.

The northern state of Maine, which borders Canada, is the furthest east in the United States.

Patrick Dempsey and Stephen King offer sympathy.

Author and Maine native Stephen King described the shooting as “madness,” while Lewiston-born actor Patrick Dempsey offered his sympathy.

“Last night’s tragedy in my hometown of Lewiston, Maine shocked and deeply saddened me,” Dempsey said on Instagram.

All US flags are to be flown at half staff under President Joe Biden’s command.

Since the shootings, police have not said if they have seen the gunman or what weapon(s) he used.

More than 500 mass shootings have occurred in the US in 2023, according to data from the non-governmental organisation Gun Violence Archive.

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