Marcus King and The Onsite Foundation Collaborate to Champion Mental Health

Renowned rock musician Marcus King has joined forces with The Onsite Foundation to initiate an online charity auction.

Marcus King and The Onsite Foundation Launch Charity Auction

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The Onsite Foundation event, not only aimed at fundraising, but also bolstering awareness around mental health concerns, is being hailed as a significant step in addressing a persistent societal challenge. With The Onsite Foundation’s established reputation in offering counseling services, particularly for parents who have endured the unimaginable pain of losing a child, this collaboration marks a potent synergy of music and mental health advocacy. At the heart of this joint venture with The Onsite Foundation lies an enticing offering: an opportunity for participants to secure a signed Gibson ES-335 guitar and a unique personal guitar lesson with Marcus King. The auction, hosted on CharityBuzz, resonates with King’s outspoken journey about his personal mental health challenges, a narrative poignantly captured in his recent album, Young Blood. With the backing of The Onsite Foundation, this initiative stands to make a significant impact. Speaking about the initiative and his association with The Onsite Foundation, Marcus King emphasized, “I’ve grappled with depression and anxiety throughout my life, a struggle shared by countless others in the arts community and beyond. Teaming up with The Onsite Foundation, our endeavor is to shatter the silence that often surrounds mental health. By doing so, we hope to create a platform for open dialogues, thereby erasing the prevailing stigmas.”

Marcus King Joins The Onsite Foundation in Fight Against Mental Health Stigma

Marcus King Teams Up with The Onsite Foundation for Groundbreaking Mental Health Auction (PHOTO: Pexels)

Theresa Wolters, Vice President of Health & Human Services at MusiCares, underscored the urgency of the cause. Highlighting alarming statistics, she noted the barriers that many face in seeking mental health resources, particularly in the music industry. She lauded the efforts of King and The Onsite Foundation, praising their combined efforts to make a tangible difference. John Huie, a pivotal board member of The Onsite Foundation, shed light on the foundation’s mission. “Facing the grim reality of suicide is a daily challenge,” he began, “The pain families undergo, particularly the trauma parents face after losing a child, is profound. At The Onsite Foundation, through our Life after Loss Program, we are deeply committed to helping these parents navigate their grief. Collaborating with Marcus King amplifies our reach and potential to make a difference.”

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