Marine NCO Steven Burkett Removed as Top Adviser at Infantry School

A senior enlisted adviser, Marine noncommissioned officer Steven Burkett, was removed from his role as the top-ranking leader at one of the two infantry schools within the service.

Maj. Steven Burkett was “formally relieved” 

In July, the Marine Corps confirmed that the highest-ranking enlisted Marine at one of the main entry-level schools had been fired. Col. Seth MacCutcheon, who is in charge of the School of Infantry-West, officially relieved Sgt. Maj. Steven M. Burkett of his responsibilities on July 13.

The decision stemmed from concerns about Sgt. Maj. Burkett and his ability to effectively serve as the Command Sergeant Major. Maj. Joshua Pena, a representative for the Marine Corps Training Command, shared this information in a statement to the Marine Corps Times on August 4th.

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Sgt. Maj. Steven Burkett – Photo by: (Arlington Magazine)

More About Sgt. Maj. Steven Burkett

Guinness’ website credits him with lifting the highest weights in both one-minute and three-minute time frames. These remarkable achievements were accomplished during his tenure in the Marine Corps. Steven Burkett gained recognition and a dedicated fan base due to his extraordinary record-breaking feats, earning him the nickname “Sergeant Major Kettlebell.” This title was prominently displayed on his Instagram account, which is currently inaccessible.

Sgt. Maj. Joseph Powers assumed the position following the removal of Steven Burkett. Prior to this role, Powers had held the top enlisted leadership position for the infantry school’s headquarters and support battalion since March 2022. Currently, Steven Burkett maintains his position as the sergeant major for the headquarters and support battalion.

Before his assignment at Pendleton, Steven Burkett held the role of command senior enlisted leader for Joint Task Force Guantanamo Bay in Cuba, where he initiated the “Guantanamo Kettlebell Club,” as reported by Marine Corps Times.The previous responsibility of Steven Burkett was overseeing the Marine Corps Embassy Security Group at Quantico, Virginia.

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