Maryland Town Suspends All Of Its Police Officers: Know More Here

Residents of a Maryland town are stunned, dubious, and on edge following the decision to suspend the entire police force for mostly unknown reasons.

Maryland Town Suspends All Of Its Police Officers: Know More Here

On Maryland’s Eastern Shore, the little municipality of Ridgely said that its police department would be suspending its personnel, leaving other public safety organizations to take over. The reason for the closure of the town is still unknown to its citizens.

“What’s very concerning is that they didn’t communicate with us honestly and openly,” said Laura Cline, a longtime Ridgely resident. “Treat us with respect. We’re adults — thinking, rational adults who deserve the truth.”

Holly Justice, an esthetician who owns a spa in Ridgely, added: “We were blindsided. It makes you question the integrity of people who are supposed to protect and serve.”

Ridgely’s three-member board “suspended with pay the entirety of the Ridgely Police Department,” according to a statement made last week on the town’s website. The Office of State Prosecutor is looking into any misconduct.

“It doesn’t add up,” said Gennie Woo, a business owner in downtown Ridgely since 1983. “Everybody is sceptical about what happened. We just want to know how and why.”

According to the department’s website, it has six officers working for it to serve the roughly 1,600 citizens.

Officials from the city say that Ridgely has arranged for the local Caroline County Sheriff’s Office officers to handle emergency calls for the time being.

Maryland State Police would also assist, according to Caroline County Sheriff David Baker.

Some locals are concerned about delayed response times when police from a nearby town respond to service calls. Additionally, some locals have expressed concern that they would become targets for would-be criminals if there is less law enforcement around.

For many years, Ridgely is part of Caroline County, which is known for having very low crime rates.

Since 2000, the county has reported four homicides, according to federal crime statistics.

Little public safety concerns like misplaced or pilfered goods are covered by the majority of policing services. Supporting nearby businesses and taking part in community events are examples of additional services. Information regarding credit cards, bicycles, lost keys, and other stuff that police had found around town is included in earlier blogs.

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