Massive Drug Bust: Authorities Seize 10 Million Illegal Drug Doses, Including Heart-Shaped Candy Pills in Massachusetts

The Justice Department stated Monday that law enforcement confiscated 220 pounds of illicit narcotics worth an estimated $8 million on the street in Massachusetts.

The recovered substances included around 900,000 individual doses of powdered fentanyl and 20 pounds of pink, heart-shaped tablets mimicking a popular Valentine’s Day confection that reportedly contained fentanyl and methamphetamine.

On July 5, authorities in Salem, Massachusetts, launched an investigation into an overdose fatality. They utilised the victim’s Snapchat account to contact someone about acquiring more drugs, which resulted in an extra three months of monitoring. Earlier this month, law officials apprehended three individuals — Emilio Garcia, 25, Emilio Garcia, 33, and Deiby Felix, 40 — who were reportedly linked to a large-scale drug trafficking organisation in the region.

The individuals were charged with a number of offences stemming from their alleged possession and distribution of illicit substances. According to court documents, “multiple children” resided in the flats on the first and second levels of the property where the potentially dangerous drugs were reportedly stored.

During a court-authorized search of the residence on Nov. 1, law enforcement discovered drug mixing equipment, distribution tools, and three loaded weapons, according to criminal documents.

“This is believed to be one of the largest single-location seizures of fentanyl and methamphetamine in the history of New England,” detectives said in court filings.

Attorney General Merrick Garland described the usage of heart-shaped medicines as “depraved,” while FBI Director Christopher Wray said they presented “an enormous risk to children.”

In addition to the potentially lethal dosages of powdered fentanyl, detectives reported finding roughly 60 pounds of counterfeit Adderall pills suspected of containing methamphetamine and 280,000 counterfeit Percocet pills suspected of containing fentanyl and valued up to $7 million.

Federal prosecutors in China accused 12 people and eight companies last month with participating in worldwide conspiracies to sell and export ingredients needed to make fentanyl and other deadly narcotics around the world and into the United States.

In September, the United States obtained the extradition of Ovidio Guzmán López from Mexico, the son of famed drug trafficker and former Sinaloa cartel head Joaquin “El Chapo” Guzmán. López, El Chapo’s second son, and almost two dozen Sinaloa Cartel officers and allies were indicted in April for allegedly coordinating a global fentanyl trafficking operation into the United States.

The three men indicted in Massachusetts are scheduled to appear in federal court for the first time on November 13. Their corresponding

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