Mexico’s First Openly Non-Binary Magistrate, Who Was Prominent LGBTQ Activist, Found Dead at Home

Jesus Ociel Baena Saucedo found dead at home this weeks who was Mexico’s first openly non-binary electoral magistrate and prominent LGBTQ activist as the multiple news reports says.

The state prosecutor’s office confirmed that along with Baena Saucedo his presumed partner’s body was also found at their home in the central city of Aguascalientes which is situated about 300 miles northwest of the Mexico city. The activist was 39-year-old.

The state prosecutor Jesus Figueroa Ortega said at a press conference that both the victims have some wounds which shows like they are killed by a knife or any sharp object. But Mexican officials declared that the cause of death is unknown and they did not found any evidence about the presence of third person in home and one of the victim was holding a sharp object. That’s why it cannot be considered a crime.Mexico Security Secretary Rosa Icela Rodriguez said in a press conference that it is not clear if the incident is murder or homicide.

Being a first non-binary person assuming the role as magistrate for the Aguascalientes state electoral court, Baena Saucedo made history in October 2022 and earlier this year he became the first one in the country who received a gender-neutral passport.

He was so open about his identity and often post photos with a rainbow-colored fan on social media which inspired many people in LGBTQ community.

Demanding a thorough investigation of this incident, a large number of people from LGBTQ community took to the streets in Mexico city.

As same-sex marriage was made legal across all 32 states of Mexico in 2022 still LGBTQ Community experiences many hate messages, threats of death and violence regularly. According to AP, which cites the National Observatory of Hate Crimes Against LGBTI+ Persons in Mexico, the organisation reported  305 violent hate crimes against “sexual minorities” from 2019 to 2022.



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