Missouri Men Charged For Attempting To Excavate Grandmother’s Grave

According to the St. Louis County Prosecutors Office, two individuals have been prosecuted after they reportedly tried to unearth a grave at a Missouri cemetery. This was confirmed this week.

Missouri Men Charged For Attempting To Excavate Grandmother's Grave

According to KSDK-TV, 73-year-olds Jimmie V. Allen and Zebulun Nash were observed in August removing earth from a gravesite at Berkeley, Missouri’s Washinton Park Cemetery.

According to reports, Nash informed police that Allen was assisting him in his plans to move his grandmother’s body.

The males were both accused on Wednesday of trying to damage or vandalise cemetery property, as required by Missouri law, which calls for a state order before a body may be exhumed, according to KSDK.

Witness Kiesha Wayne told the station that one of the men “said that they paid somebody to dig up the body, but they got ripped off, so they took it upon themselves to dig up the body. I do feel sorry for the man whose loved one is or was buried there.”

In his extensive tenure, Berkeley Police Chief Art Jackson claimed he had never heard of anything such.

“I was amazed,” said the reporter, “Twenty-nine years of doing this work, we’ve never had any issues or incidents like that.”

Fox News Digital has requested a statement from the St. Louis County Prosecutor.

Next month, the two men are scheduled to appear in court again.

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