Mitchel Musso Arrest Case: Former ‘Hannah Montana’ Star Faces Public Intoxication And Theft Indictments

Mitchel Musso Arrest: The Toll Of Public Intoxication and Theft

Mitchel Musso
Mitchel Musso Arrest Case Public Intoxication and Theft (Photo: The Nicki Swift)

Mitchel Musso: widely recognized for his role as “Oliver Oken” in the beloved Disney Channel series ‘Hannah Montana…’  has found himself in legal turmoil (appertaining Mitchel Musso Arrest). The 32-year-old actor [Mitchel Musso] was apprehended (appertaining Mitchel Musso Arrest) in Rockwall, Texas on Saturday. The Mitchel Musso Arrest Case is imputed under allegations of “public intoxication and theft” — according to Rockwall Police Department statements.


The incident [Mitchel Musso Arrest Case] transpired: when Rockwall Authorities responded to a “disturbance call…” originating from a local hotel (where the Mitchel Musso Arrest Case transpired) along the serene Lakefront Trail. It was reported by the Rockwall Police Department that Musso (appearing visibly intoxicated) entered the establishment… proceeded to help himself to a bag of chips “without making payment” (originating the Mitchel Musso Arrest Case).

Mitchel Musso Arrest Case: “He Left Without Settling The Matter”—Rockwall Police Department

Subsequently, his demeanor [Mitchel Musso] turned contentious when confronted about the payment (originating the Mitchel Musso Arrest Case)… prompting him to leave “without settling the matter” attributing to the Mitchel Musso Arrest Case.

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Rockwall Police Officers made contact with Mitchel Musso outside the premises. Furthermore, the Rockwall Police Officers confirmed Mitchel Musso’s state of inebriation… which led to the Mitchel Musso Arrest Case with charges of both—public intoxication and theft. A routine records inspection (appertaining to Mitchel Musso Arrest Case) exposed additional “unresolved traffic violations” from the Rockwall Police Department. Consequently, Mitchel Musso spent a night in custody…  before being released (appertaining to Mitchel Musso Arrest Case) on a “$1,000” bond the following day.


This incident (appertaining to Mitchel Musso Arrest Case) echoes a “prior arrest in 2011…”  when Musso faced a DUI [Driving Under the Influence] charge in Burbank, California. His notable role [Mitchel Musso] on ‘Hannah Montana’ spanned from 2006 to 2011… while he [Mitchel Musso] also made appearances on Disney Channel’s “PrankStars.” Mitchel Musso’s representatives are yet to provide a statement regarding the recent charges appertaining to Mitchel Musso Arrest Case.

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