Moayad Hameidi’s killers were arrested by Yemeni police

A World Food Program Official, Moayad Hameidi, was killed in Turbah in the Taiz governorate. Moayad Hameidi’s killers were arrested. In a 24-hour span, Yemeni authorities detained close to 21 people.

Moayad Hameidi's killers were arrested by Yemeni police
Moayad Hameidi’s killers were arrested by Yemeni police

Senior World Food Program Official Died

On Friday, Moayad Hameidi was shot by two gunmen in Turbah. Hameidi rushed to the hospital, but he was declared dead on arrival. Moayad Hameidi’s killers immediately fled the scene. Hameidi recently arrived in the southwestern province of Taiz. Moayad Hameidi was there to assume his role as the head of WFP office in the province.

According to McCain, Moayad Hameidi had served the WFP in Sudan, Syria and Iraq for 18 years. Moayad Hameidi’s killers must be held accountable. Aid workers should never be a target, he added. Hameidi’s death was viewed as a tragedy for their organization and the humanitarian community, WFP’s representative and country director in Yemen, Richard Ragan, said.

Moayad Hameidi’s killers contained 21 individuals and have been arrested, according to Yemen’s Interior Ministry. Hameidi was the newest WFP Official to be killed in Yemen. Yemeni prime minister, Maeen Abdulmalik, expressed the Yemeni government’s and people’s condolences for Hameidi’s death.

Protracted battle has divided Yemen

Yemen’s third largest city is Taiz and it has been under siege by Iran-backed Houthi rebels. Yemen has been involved in a civil war in 2014. More than 150,000, including fighters and innocent ones killed in Yemen’s conflict. It was named one of the world’s worst humanitarian crises. 17 million individuals across Yemen are still in a food shortage and expected to rise by the end of this year.

Lastly, freedom of movement has been severely restricted by the blockade. It has been difficult for residents of the city to receive basic supplies, medical care, and humanitarian aid. Being a WFP Official is challenging for this reason. Moayad Hameidi’s killers should be punished, and justice will prevail. Any loss of life in humanitarian service is an unacceptable tragedy, Richard Ragan said.

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